» For customers visiting during the snow festival period | かに吉


February 3-11 are the following menu.
Please reserve a menu and visit us.
Please note that other menu can not be orderd.
★LUNCH TIME★ from Monday to Friday (weekday’s only, last order is 13:00)
Kanikichi lunch (6 limited)(reservaion repuired)
Kanikichi course (7dishes)(reservaion repuired)
Kanibimi course (8dhishes)(reservaion repuired)
Today’s lunch
sashimi lunch
Kanikichi course (7dishes)
Kanibimi course (delicious course, 8dishes)
Kanizanmai course (luxury course, 10dishes)
Tarabagani oyatsumeyaki course(grilled king crab claw course, 7dishes)    

a boiled whole hairy crab
light-boiled king crab(sashimi)
3 legs of snow crab shabu-shabu
2 raw prawns
king crab white sauce croquette
plate with various deep fried crabs,prawn and vegetables
patato spring roll with butter
baked potato with butter
crab and mushroom gratin
crab salad
pickled five kinds of vegetables
porridge of rice and crab
crab miso soup
There is a recommended menu on the day.